Other Services

Compliance Support

Phil knows through his experience as a Compliance Officer that non compliance with resource consents or permitted activities can soon escalate in seriousness and in some instances farmers and miners have found themselves subject to prosecution under the Resource Management Act.


It is important to deal with any non compliance as soon as you are notified of it and take steps to ensure that it does not occur again.


Should you receive a formal notice from the Council in the form of an Abatement or Infringement Notice it becomes more important to quickly deal with the non compliance that caused these notices to be served.


Phil can run you through the process and ensure you are aware of your obligations. Phil can also provide advice around whether the notices were justified or if you have any avenues of appeal.

Environmental Monitoring

Once you have gained your resource consent, you are likely to be required to undertake monitoring of some sort.


Whether it is the compilation of an annual work programme or water sampling required in the first dairy season after granting of the consent, RSWC can help out.


It is important to demonstrate a history of compliance to the Council and RSWC can help achieve this.

Flora and Fauna Assessments 

If you are planning on mining on Department of Conservation land or want to clear some bush to develop your farm, it is likely you will be required to undertake a flora and fauna assessment to inform any subsequent application. Let RSWC take the stress out of this and do it for you.


In some cases, resource consent applications may go through a hearing process. RMA hearings can be intimidating if you are not familiar with the process or what is required of you as an applicant. 

RSWC has qualified RMA Hearing Commissioners available to help guide you through this process to make it as simple as possible. From managing your expert witnesses, to presenting your case and liaising with Council staff, let us take the pressure off. 

You may also find yourself affected by resource consent applications, give us a call for advice on how to effectively participate in this process and make sure your voice is head.